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Responding to Allergy Orchard’s Customers Needs

Response to May 2019 Allergy Orchard Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent Allergy Orchard survey, we appreciate the feedback.  Karen and Tammy believe that your responses will help us to serve you better.  We would like to address several of the main points that were made during this survey and tell you what we plan to do to serve you better.  If you did not complete the survey and would like to see it you can find it at Customer Survey.

We received many comments about our pricing.  As many of you know, specialty foods are expensive. We have always been proud to offer everything at the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price).  After reading your comments, we did some very close price comparing at other stores.  Sometimes they can beat us in price by quite a bit.  In fact, sometimes, they offer prices lower than what we can buy the product for.   It is tough to match the buying power of a big company.   We were happy that sometimes we were lower in price.  We were pleased that no one could beat us for selection!

So, what can we do to lower prices for you, without putting ourselves out of business?  We hope to keep growing so that someday we have more buying power.  Until then, we have 5 things we are going to bring back, try, and keep doing to lower your costs.

  • Check out our store in the next few weeks, we are trying to match some of our item prices to other stores in the area.  We can’t always do it, but we are trying to make some adjustments.
  • We are bringing back our loyalty program.  Every $20 you spend earns you a stamp (does not include discounted case prices).  Fill the card and take $10 off the next order.  This really helps to offset any prices where we are a little higher.
  • We are always happy to order you a case of something at a 10% discount.  Cases are often only 6-8 products.  Even if it is not something we carry, we are happy to see if we can order it for you at a discounted price.  Please contact us to see if we can order something for you.
  • Sales.  We have a sale every week.  Please check our webpage at to see what is on sale.  We also post the weekly sale on our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to check out our clearance corner.  We deeply discount everything as it reaches the best by date.  New products are added each week.  We donate all foods that do not sell quickly so if you see it in the corner, grab it.
  • Trying something new.  Watch our Facebook page.  We are going to offer “special days” a few times each month.  For instance:  On July 10, 2019.  All Products labeled as Gluten-Free will be 10% off.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, you never know when we will post other fun sale days.

This is something we cannot change at this time, but we would love to become busy enough to open a 2nd location someday! Thanks for the great ideas on where to go if we ever open a second store or if we decide to move when our lease runs out next July.

Hours/Days Open
We love our families and like to see them on Sundays.  But we heard you when you said more hours.  Family and church are too important for us to open on Sunday, but we have an idea.

  • If you are going to be in town, or just know you want to shop here later than 8pm, earlier than 10am, or on a Sunday, please call us.  If we are able, we will set up shopping appointments.  Please call us early in the week for Sunday.  If we know we are coming in for someone, we will post a window of time that we will be open so that everyone can come.  Opening a little early or staying a little late is often something we can do if you ask.

We know it is not ideal and we will not always be able to accommodate requested times, but we will do our best! Please do not just leave a message and assume we will be able to make it, make sure we confirm the window of time with you. Call us at 717 824-4712 to schedule.

Adding fresh foods
Our hope is to be the go-to place for your specialty allergy food needs.  Therefore, we have made the decision not to try to carry fresh veggies and meats.  Our reason for planting Allergy Orchard in Kendig Square was that you could get your specialty items here and get the rest at a larger store conveniently located just a few doors down or across the street.

We understand that specialty foods are expensive, and it would be nice to try before you buy.  However, open food samples are something we just cannot do out of respect for the many different food allergies that our customers have. For us it is a safety issue.  We want Allergy Orchard to be safe for everyone. We do on many occasions have samples of sealed products from our vendors that we give out at checkout.

Some things that we do offer that many customers were not aware of:
Case price discounts.  We are happy to place bulk orders for cases, even if it is an item we do not carry.  For some items we can offer to split a case with you and still offer case discounts!  You can call, email, or Facebook message us with any requests.
-Pre-orders.  While we are not yet offering delivery or shipping(we hope to add these in the near future), we do offer the option of placing an order ahead that is ready for pick up, and we are happy to run it out to your car if you cannot stop in.  Feel free to call and we can walk thru the store and shop for you.

Thank you for being a loyal Allergy Orchard customer and for helping us with this survey. We especially want to thank those of you who have helped us get this far.  We need your continued support if we are going to become a sustainable business. Please keep shopping with us and keep spreading the word. The more we grow, the more we will be able to offer you.  Please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or requests. With thanks, Karen and Tammy

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