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2600 Willow Street Pike, Suite 303
Willow Street, PA 17584

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday Closed for family time

(717) 824-4712

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Covid 19 Update

At Allergy Orchard we are committed to your health.  We want to do our part to stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus AND continue to serve you the foods you need in the safest possible way for you and us.

Store Hours
Monday By Appointment Only
Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday 12pm to 6pm
Thursday 12pm to 6pm
Friday 12pm to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm
Sunday Closed but willing to do appointments if needed.
 Please email or call 717-824-4712 to make an appointment, request items, discuss shipping options or ask questions.

As per the state orders, anyone entering the store must wear a mask.

Shop Allergy Orchard Online

It is official…you can purchase online and pick-up in store or see if we can do local delivery. The store is listed at the top of this page or just click here to go directly to the store. Every product we carry is listed with current inventory.  You can look at the shelves, refrigerator, freezer or clearance/sale listings. Pictures are included with most products and more are always being added. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions.

Customers can choose to pay in store/at pickup or you pay with Paypal/Credit card. You do not have to have a Paypal account because Paypal takes credit cards. Please be gentle and patient with us. We are still learning the system and making it work to cope with this situation, but if you like it we might keep it in place in the future. If something seems to not be working, please give us a call.

If you do not want to shop online, you are always welcome to email us at, message us on Facebook, or call us at (717)824-4712 to make your shopping arrangements. Please allow a few hours for us to get back to you.

Additional Information

For curbside pick up, Allergy Orchard will email or call you to confirm your order and pick up time.  Please plan to call us when you arrive at our store

Local Delivery: If you would like to discuss a local delivery please call or email us before placing your order. We will be providing limited local delivery service.

Out of stock items: If you see an item out of stock, or not listed in our store, please contact us. We may be able to order this product for you.

Case orders: The online system cannot create bulk/case discounts but we are happy to do them! Please call or email if you are interested in ordering by the case.

Pickup location:  Allergy Orchard, Kendig Square Shopping Center 2600 Willow Street Pike, Suite 303, Willow Street, Pennsylvania, 17584, United States

We hope to be able to still provide the food that you need in a safe environment for as long as we can. Stay safe everyone!

For more information about Covid 19 in PA please visit the Pennsylvania State Webpage.

Allergy Orchard

Lancaster's Allergy-Friendly Grocery Store Is Here To Meet Your Allergy-Friendly and Vegan Food Needs
Karen and Tammy at Allergy Orchard

The moms of Allergy Orchard are committed to providing foods that are free from many common food allergens.  We also carry a large selection of non-GMO, organic, and vegan foods.  

Allergy Orchard Store Sign

We started Allergy Orchard because we were tired and frustrated.  Tired of shopping at numerous stores and still not having many options. Frustrated about not finding the safe foods we needed.  We made sure that Allergy Orchard is the solution to those problems.

Allergy Orchard Cake Mix Shelf

The painstaking process of shopping for safe food when you or someone you love has food allergies, just become a whole lot easier.

Our Products

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